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I’ve been using this amazing CBD Oil called Calm and I’d love to send you a FREE 2-day sample so you can experience the goodness for yourself. All I need from you is the shipping address to send the sample. Go to this page to fill out your information and address, and it will be on its way soon. You’ll love it! ​Get Your FREE Sample Click Here.



CBD helps to balance the body in areas of immunity, mood, stress, sleep and much more. Whether you are a strong athlete, busy parent, stressed professional, or active retiree—broad spectrum CBD oil can make a positive difference in your life. Want to know more? Read up click here.

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Touchstone Essentials

 I have seen personally so many benefits from using the products, including a greater sense of peace, sleeping better, having healthy and regular digestion, greater energy and diminished brain fog.  I only put my name behind products and services that I believe in.  And my clients and success is too important to me to suggest any resources that are less that excellent.  Be rest assured that I’ve done the research and am confident that these products will be greatly instrumental to improving your health!

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Full Circle Farms

Eating organic and supporting a sustainable lifestyle is super important for having the WRIGHT balance in your life! I’m excited to be partnering with Full Circle Farm. Shop with this unique code SABR3567 and receive $15 off first box of organic goodness!

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Happiness Journal

This journal is meant to be a quick daily journal that you can do in the evening to reflect reflect on your day so you are ready for a peaceful rest. It is undated so you can start at any point in the year! If you are feeling anxiety or worries or just want to record your gratitude and happiness, now is the best time to start journaling. Surround yourself with happiness, and reflect on the good in your life through journaling!

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All Aspects Covered

​Touchstone Essentials nutritional supplements and CBD products are by far the BEST quality, cleanest organic and 3rd party certified products that also are QAI certified.  This means that Touchstone Essentials meet not only strict organic guidelines, they also meet even more stringent European requirements for organic and clean products. 

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What makes working with me powerful and unique?

Exploring what God is calling you to step into for your most fulfilled GOOD life. Developing a powerful vision for what you most want to experience in your health and life. Discovering which lifestyle habits and choices are best for living your GOOD life. Getting crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to love your body and life in 90 days or less.


Client Testimonials

I have had several massages with Sabrina, two during pregnancy and one soon after I gave birth. I had extreme rib pain and soreness during my pregnancy. Sabrina really helped work out tension. She was able to offer more than just a relaxation massage, and gave much needed relief. I have had many different types of massages in the past, but I was impressed with her knowledge and ability to target key muscles to offer pain relief. I highly recommend her services. The atmosphere and caring environment added to the amazing experience.


Sabrina is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate massage therapist and health consultant. She doesn’t treat her patients as if she is just doing her job. She really cares about them and it is apparent in the way she talks with you, cares for you and follows up with you. I appreciate the fact that Sabrina will tell you the truth and not what she thinks will help her achieve more business. Her patients health comes first and that is to be treasured in a day when the mighty dollar seems to rule the health industry. I highly recommend Sabrina!


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