Are you ready to step into
the BEST
version of yourself?

Are you ready to move forward into the GOOD life you’ve been desiring for so long?

You’ve come to the right place!  I am so honored and excited  that you are considering working with me.

Individual Wellness

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to experience what working with me as your Health Advocate and Wellness Expert is like, so I’m offering a FREE 60 minute Health Transformation Discovery Call.
Your coaching sessions are about YOU and this is an opportunity to create your optimum GOOD Life in all areas of your life.

Group Wellness

As we partner together, you will never feel like you are being molded into a program or practice. The coaching experience is about YOU.  It is about customizing and creating your optimum health to be at your best in all the areas of your life. My vision is to help you experience the most vibrant, healthy version of yourself. Let me know how I can help you best achieve health and life goals.

Corporate Wellness

Having the Wright Balance in your workplace is important. I work with teams at the corporate level or professional individuals. Taking care of yourself is a priority and can improve how you show up as a team and in the work place.

The Wright Products/Resources

I only put my name behind products and services that I believe in. My clients’ success is too important to me to suggest any resources that are less that excellent. Rest assured that I’ve done the research and am confident that these products will be greatly instrumental in improving your health!​


What makes working with me powerful and unique?

At 63, I have been where you are and have experienced illness, devastating diagnosis, surgeries, struggles with negative talk and self-doubts, professional defeats and successes, thoughts concerning my purpose, wondering about my gifts and talents and skills,  and questions about God’s purpose and plan for my life.  Simply put, I have lived a life and experienced disappointments, been heart broken, tested in trusting others and questioning what I believe and what I know.  There have been some big life lessons, exciting professional celebrations, rash impulsive decisions that have fractured a marriage, serious life devastating broken relationships, new love and appreciation of the resilience of the heart, the kindness of strangers and I am constantly in wonder at Love and what it looks like in my life and in daily interactions with others.   What I’ve come to appreciate and be so grateful for are all of these experiences and years of living that have not only brought me to where I am today, but how life has refined me into the woman I am today.

Working with me is a partnership, a travel companion if you will walking with you through the ups and downs, the trials and celebrations helping you in creating a plan, an adventure in health and wellness to a life of vitality.  My approach is wholistic and I work from with you to identify the root cause of your discomfort, dis-function and dis-ease.  Together we create a plan and vision for what YOU want most to experience in your health and life.  We get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to love your body and life in 90 days or less.