2020 Holiday Gift guide

Give (or get) a gift of goodness this holiday season and ring in 2021 in good health and wellness. While the holidays may look different this year, there’s no better way to show you care than to support someone’s well-being. After a year unlike any other, detoxification and good nutrition are more critical than ever. This year, there’s no better gift than goodness, and here are our top twelve recommendations for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

As joyous as the season is, there’s no denying it can be stressful. Whether you’re having a socially-distanced get-together or organizing a Zoom feast, the struggle is real. The good news is, CBD Oil has been found to help relieve the effects of stress, and promote restful sleep, among the many benefits of CBD.

Let’s face it, you need all the help you can get this time of year. For ultimate holiday survival, Calm Premium CBD Oil is a must. It comes in two strengths, has a minty fresh taste and makes a mean mojito mocktail. And if desserts are your holiday must-do, try these chocolate-glazed CBD macaroons for a healthy and delicious treat.

Between online shopping, overseeing distance learning, cooking and decorating, your body deserves special attention. Just as CBD oil is beneficial internally, it’s also effective topically for soothing muscles and joints. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day with a facial and a massage with Soothe Topical CBD Balm and lose yourself in the luxurious lavender and eucalyptus scent.

Soothe’s antioxidant-rich CBD oil, essential oils, moisturizing MCTs, and protective beeswax also nourish the health of your skin—bonus! While this makes an incredible gift, you might want to keep this one for yourself.

When there’s not enough time to eat, let alone eat well, mix up a delicious, creamy vanilla Organic Super Protein shake for a power-packed serving of complete plant proteins all sourced from superfoods. Ingredients are clean, certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan-friendly, which is probably more than you can say for most holiday meals.

This filling, satisfying and energy-boosting shake is the perfect fixer to get you through the holidays, and an ideal way to get the healthy protein your body needs when you start working out again in the new year.

2020 has been a doozy, and the last thing anyone needs this time of year is extra body burden from toxins, pollutants, heavy metals and other unavoidable chemicals. Toxins can be responsible for poor focus, fatigue, weakened immunity and stubborn weight gain. Pretty much the last thing anyone wants in their stocking this year.

Pure Body Extra Strength super spray to the rescue! This defender helps protect you against the daily onslaught of toxins by detoxing on a cellular level. Its nanosized zeolite is 100% natural and easy to use with just a few sprays a day taking care of toxins.

’Tis the season for feasting, and these sumptuous spreads of rich foods can throw our delicate digestive systems out of balance. Overindulging happens and that’s why it’s critical to be kind to your gut and digestive tract.

Supergreens +D is the perfect side dish. With over five billion probiotics, plant-based enzymes and a prebiotic, it’s the gift every gut will love. Plus, this gut saver has organic mushrooms for your daily dose of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin that’s essential for the immune system, but extra tough to come by during chilly winter months.


It’s ironic that we get the least amount of nutrition during the time of year when we eat the most. No wonder we’re so tired over the holidays. That’s where nutritious superfoods can come in to save the day.

superfood-filled green juice delivers revitalizing nutrition. And since no one has time for chopping, juicing and clean up, Super Green Juice is the perfect solution. Just one scoop delivers 44 organic superfoods fast so you have the energy and vitality to thrive through the holidays. Who wouldn’t love that?


If you’re like a lot of folks, Amazon, UPS and the mail carrier have become regular visitors this year, and with the holidays, you’re only going to see them more. If you think these visits are disrupting your Zoom meeting, imagine how your cat feels having to run and hide under the bed every time the doorbell rings. And the dog has it worse. They deal with shorter walks due to cold weather, and are tormented by tantalizing but untouchable scents everywhere.

Worst of all, our furry friends are forced to wear reindeer antlers and pose for pictures they know will be posted on Instagram. Thankfully, animals get the same calming benefits from CBD as humans, so slip a little Calm Pets CBD Oil into your pets’ stocking this year. Your fur-baby will thank you for it.


While this holiday season may look a little different, temptations still abound, and considering sweatpants are now business-casual, it’s easier than ever to give in. While you may not be, your metabolism will be working overtime, so give it a loving boost with Boost Focus Fuel.

Organic green coffee beans support the body’s natural fat-burning abilities without the jitters while organic garcinia cambogia and organic cocoa support serotonin levels to curb those irresistible cravings. Organic green tea not only supports the metabolism, but also enhances concentration, natural alertness and mental clarity. Of everything you eat, Boost is your recipe for redemption.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, except for when it’s not. Activities like getting decorations from the attic, stringing lights on the roof, sitting on the floor wrapping gifts, getting up off the floor after wrapping said gifts—these are just a few of the fun-filled things that take a toll on our joints during the holiday season.

Give the gift of joint relief. Wellspring provides nourishing plant-based essential fatty acids, along with joint-soothing organic turmeric root and calming organic ginger root to support joint, skin and heart health.


The holiday season has most of us running on empty. Coffee works until it doesn’t, and energy drinks spike jittery highs and draining lows. There’s one little secret athletes have relied on for years for natural energy. It’s called oxygen. When your cells are energized with oxygen, there’s no fatigue, no post-meal sluggishness, and you can maintain peak performance all day.

Give someone a natural edge with Green Energy. Its unique blend of botanicals and proteolytic enzymes doesn’t cover up your exhaustion; it optimizes oxygen flow. And best of all, with only a smidgen of caffeine, it can be taken day or night without disrupting sleep.


This holiday season the risks we face are greater than ever. When our bodies have to fight off toxins, it weakens our defenses. Give your immune system a fighting chance, and help your body help you.

Pure Body harnesses zeolite, nature’s detoxifier, in a purified suspension that gently and naturally cleans the body and digestive system of toxins, heavy metals and other pollutants without unwanted side effects. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for every body.


It’s actually not a multivitamin at all. Far from it. It has more of the good by far, none of the bad and gives the body a major anti-aging advantage. Essentials is all-natural and power-packed with hard-to-find organic fruits, vegetables and herbs that are harvested at the peak of nutrition, and cold-processed to capture all of earth’s bounty.

This superfood blend is designed to focus on whole-body wellness, supporting every system including heart, immunity, digestion, vision, brain health and blood sugar support—in one simple step. The anti-aging advantage is truly the gift that keeps on giving.