As a Health Coach and Massage Therapist I have been fascinated with the operation of the human body and look for ways to live the healthiest life possible.  I have tried, and tested and researched hundreds of products and protocols in an effort to live the healthy life and help my clients in living a healthy life.

Our main concerns and challenges are toxicity, lack of energy, pain and discomfort of joints, weight gain, illness and disease.  In 14 years of practice I have found that massage is a temporary fix used only on its own.  Regular care and feeding of the body with proper nutrition and regular exercise and movement are what we need to live a healthy and vibrant life.

The many benefits of regular massage therapy are:
Flushes toxins out of the body
Improves digestion and immune system response
Improves circulation and increases energy levels
Improves range of motion and helps with restored joint function.

The question that seems to come up often in a treatment session with my clients is “how do I maintain and sustain this feeling of improvement in my body?”   I then started studying the body in an entirely new way.

The body was created to heal itself given the proper nutrients.  The primary source for these nutrients is in WHOLE foods.  Our bodies were designed for food, not products like man-made chemicals or processed food, which are toxic.  Our bodies turn this into waste, fat and disease.  Inflammation, hormone imbalance and disease result when our bodies become laden with toxins.  To heal and restore a cell to healthy function the inflammation needs to be reduced and the toxins removed.

About seven years ago I struggled with a gall bladder inflammation that really took me out for days.  I went to my doctor and he told me that I was missing some very vital nutrients in my diet and needed to focus on creating a healthy environment within my body.  The only way to do that was with food.  I went RAW for four serious months in an attempt to clean up my digestive and immune systems.  My doctor recommended supplements to support and enhance my new lifestyle.  Detoxing was laborious, time consuming and interrupted my practice and yet I needed to focus on my health so that I was able to help others.  Time management and food became my focus.  You have heard the adage “all work and no play makes (fill in the blank) a dull boy/girl.”  My gut health became my entire focus.  And sadly the supplements that were recommended weren’t helping enough!  Life became centered around food and limitations…that is NOT how we were meant to live life!

Working with my doctor and his recommended supplements I had questions about what other nutrients I was missing and how many pills would I have to take for the rest of my life?  He recommended a pill for energy, a pill for vitamin C, another pill for cartilage, a pill for inflammation, and another, and another and it goes on.  It became time to stop and think, food or pills?  I had worked with sick people whose life was regulated by their medication schedule and knew that was not for me.

Isn’t there a real, true health solution to my nutrition dilemma?  I was on the hunt and found that as I shared this quest with my friends, clients and  many others in the same predicament.

I know nutrition is the foundation for health.  What is fact and what is fiction?  What is best for our bodies?  After much time and energy in research, answers were found.  The truth of supplements and vitamins is this:   A chemically-derived supplement/vitamin will take much more energy to be used by the body (if at all).  Whereas a whole food supplement/vitamin, that is a food source in compact pure form, can be completely used by the body.  There is no need for extra work on the part of the body to digest, synthesize and use it.

Simply put the complaints and physical challenges we present are signs of starvation and lack of nutrients.  Lack of energy, joint discomfort, weight gain, indigestion, insomnia and the dis-ease are signs that our bodies are starving.

I am a firm believer of simple, and uncomplicated and complete in all areas of my life. I found Touchstone Essentials and their WHOLE FOOD products that not only detox, they nourish my body in a simple, and uncomplicated and complete way that is easy to incorporate into everyday life.

I start each day with a SUPER GREEN JUICE that boasts all the good inside with 44 organic superfoods.  The juice detoxifies and keeping my body free from toxins that exist in our world and food.  I also take the Pure Body products that gently and effectively take the bad stuff out!   Being an active person who enjoys hiking, cycling, kayaking and golf, over the years my joints and body have been pushed.  For the discomfort and support for my joints I take the Wellspring which has the important omega plant oils that nourish and feed my joints.

Touchstone Essentials is the most simple and complete, not to mention uncomplicated way to get all the necessary nutrients to operate in your day!  I share this with my clients and they are experiencing better health, with more sustained energy which translates into a more active and vital life.  Plain and simple, for a vibrant life of health the solution and support is clear, Touchstone Essentials!   If you have questions and want to discuss your health challenges and journey you can reach me at #360-624-1585 or email me at

Make 2018 the year you take control of your health!